Swine Flu Chute

Fernie Backcountry Ski Tour

A super fun feature close to town with moderate slopes, but a mild bushwack at the bottom. Best as a mid to late season day.


Park at the Fernie vistor centre at approximately 49°31’29”, -115°03’17”.

Trip Report


From the visitor centre, skin up the mellow hiking/biking trails towards the Swine Flu mountain bike up-track, which meanders its way through dense forest on the Procter’s south slopes. From the top of Swine Flu, continue up the hiking trail leading toward Mt. Procter’s summit. After an hour or so of skinning through dense trees, meet up with the ridge at approximately 49°32’40”, -115°03’55”. This point marks the top of the first, SE facing avy chute (marked by the red arrow pointing down above).

From here, either ski down the chute towards the powerline, or continue up the ridge for some great, mellow glade skiing on the south facing slopes. If choosing the latter, remember to traverse over to the chute at the right elevation!

Swine Flu Chute starts out as an open, 35 degree slope with easy cornice and ski cutting options. The lower slopes are approximately 20 degrees that I am sure would be an alder-fest early season. Ski the chute as far down as you can, trending skier’s left as the alders become too tight. Near the bottom of the chute, hop the barbed wire fence, or find the gate, and head SW back to the visitor centre along the powerline.


Easy skinning up to Swine Flu along a double-track from the visitor centre, above.


Great skiing down the ridge.


Hopping the fence at the bottom of chute 1 before skinning along the powerline towards the visitor centre.



GPS track in blue above.


Author: SeeThenSki


3 thoughts on “Swine Flu Chute”

  1. Hey man this is all great stuff. For someone new to Fernie and touring, the site is a great resource so thanks. Routes are one thing but have you got any tips on finding riding partners? Clubs? FB groups? This seems to be the biggest hurdle when compared to gear and training. Cheers


  2. Post on East Kootenay Back Country group on facebook. I’d also probably be game to head out. As you said finding partners in Fernie isn’t always easy.


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