Fatigue Mountain & Traverse *

Banff and Sunshine backcountry ski touring.

Via Citadel and Fatigue Passes. A pleasant day to Fatigue mountain, followed by a heinous 10 hour bushwack through knee-deep isothermic snow in fatigue creek.



Park at the Sunshine Village parking lot. We parked a second vehicle at Healy Creek parking lot to complete the fatigue traverse, but this is not recommended.

Trip Report


The route begins up the Sunshine ski-out from the parking lot. Once at Sunshine Village, follow the Strawberry chair up for a short distance, before traversing left towards the ski area boundary and Sunshine Meadows.


Reaching the ski area boundary, with Sunshine Meadows behind.


Meandering through Sunshine Meadows, with Quartz Hill in the background. The route traverses below Quartz Hill towards Citadel Pass.


After descending from below Quartz Hill onto Howard Douglas Lakes, heading towards Citadel Pass and Fatigue Mountain in centre of picture.


Approximate route up and down Fatigue mountain shown in red above, from Citadel Pass. This slope was southwest facing and pretty wind-hammered. Not the best skiing, but relatively safe.


Ditching the skis about 200m from the summit of Fatigue mountain. Citadel Peak on right, Assiniboine shrouded in clouds in behind. Fatigue Pass, our chosen exit route, is in between Fatigue and Golden Mountains on left.


Limited visibility as we worked our way over to Fatigue Mountain summit.


OK Ski quality on the way down some mellow slopes. A recent size 1 on a steeper gully feature on the right, possibly remote triggered by us at some point.


Working our way over to Fatigue Pass, with Citadel Peak behind.


Looking back towards Fatigue pass. We snaked our way through the rocky sections on the way down.


And so begins the long 10 hour bushwack through isothermic, sticky snow, that lasted well into the night…



GPS route shown in blue above. Don’t take the Fatigue Pass exit. Save yourself the trouble and return same way through Sunshine.

Distance: a lot (40-50ish km)

Time: 16 hours

Maximum Elevation: 2932m

Starting Elevation: 1650m

Author: SeeThenSki


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