Mount Haffner **

Banff backcountry ski touring

Via Haffner’s southwest slopes. A nice little summit with great views and decent skiing when you’re short on time and/or stability.



Park at the Numa Falls parking lot on the 93S.

Trip Report


The route begins on the opposite side of the road from the Numa Falls parking lot. Begin ascending the southwest slopes of Mount Haffner through burnt trees, towards the col between Vermilion Peak and Mount Haffner.


Ascending a rib between Vermilion and Haffner, with our approximate ascent and descent route marked in red above. We decided to descend a drainage feature directly beneath Haffner’s summit to avoid flat benches encountered on the ascent.


Working our way up the ridge of Mount Haffner, looking back towards the col and Vermilion Peak. Beauty day!


Looking ahead towards Haffner’s summit, with ascent route marked in red. The majority of the route is safe with minimal avalanche hazard, with the exception of the summit slopes. One could minimize their exposure to avalanche hazard by working the ridge up to the summit on looker’s right.


From the summit, looking back at Vermilion and Haffner creek. Valley of Ten peaks in the background, to Vermilion’s right.


Getting in some great turns off Haffner’s south face, towards the drainage below the summit. The sun was hot and softened the snow nicely for our descent!


Good tree skiing at lower elevations, albeit a bit tight. Regrowth started at about 1700m and became slightly more difficult from a skiing perspective.



GPS route shown in blue above. Many variations possible.


Times and distances are round trip. Good value day!


Author: SeeThenSki

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