Panorama Ridge Couloirs ***

Banff and Lake Louise backcountry ski touring.

Via Taylor Lake hiking trail. Awesome terrain!


Check out potential ski lines on Panorama Ridge:Untitled.png


Park at Taylor Lake trail-head and parking lot:Untitled2

Trip Report


The route begins up the uneventful Taylor Lake hiking trail. After approximately 6km, you will come across a fork in the trail marked by flagging tape. Straight will take you to Panorama Ridge area, whereas taking the left turn will take you up to Taylor Lake.


Reaching Panorama Ridge meadow. Our couloirs of choice are off the Northeast facing slopes of the ridge itself, marked by the red arrow above. Lots of other options available in this area!


Reaching the couloirs. We climbed and skied the middle couloir first (can’t really top out), then ascended the one off to the left (you can top out just out of view).


Tackling the lower slopes of couloir #1. Fantastic ski quality!


Boot packing the steeper portion of the coolie. Slope measured 48 degrees at this point. The choke point just ahead is only 2m wide… Take it easy!


Looking back down coolie #1. A bit narrow, but not bad!


A wide angle shot of K. skiing down the middle couloir (little black dot in the middle), with our second objective off to the left.


The view after topping out on coolie #2. Mt. Bell (middle) and Mt. Bell Couloir off to the right in the fog.


Skiing coolie #2. Great ski quality! Steepest bit measured at 45 degrees, with most of  the chute between 35-45 degrees. You can also approach this chute from behind by ascending pano ridge slide path from Taylor Lake (see GPS track below).


Super fun and fast ski back down the hiking trail to the car. Totally makes up for the boring slog in the other direction!


IMG_20160108_110345GPS track of our 2 couloirs in blue above. Optional (and possibly optimal) ascent (or descent) in yellow. Lots of cool terrain in this area!


Author: SeeThenSki

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