Citadel Peak **

Banff and Sunshine Backcountry ski touring.

An awesome ski-assisted scramble and slog if that is your thing. If not, this will probably be a 1-star rating for you. Via Citadel’s south ridge.



Park at Sunshine Village parking lot.

Trip Report


The route begins up the Sunshine Ski Resort ski-out from the parking lot. Once you reach the top of the gondola, start skinning beside the Stawberry chair, before branching left after the log cabin towards the above ski-area boundary. Quartz Ridge/Hill in the background.


Skin towards the pass below Quartz hill. The route to Citadel Pass is undulating to say the least.


Standing on top of the pass below Quartz Hill, looking towards Citadel Pass. Citadel Peak (C), Fatigue Mountain (F) and Assiniboine (A) can be seen. Work your way towards Citadel Pass, between Fatigue and Citadel in the centre of the picture.


Once you reach Citadel Pass, wrap your way around to the south ridge of Citadel Peak, on the left. Some gnarly looking lines coming down off Citadel’s east face here if you get there early enough on a stable day!


Once on the south ridge of Citadel, you will come across the crux of the trip above. Strap your skis to your pack (or leave them down below) and scramble up the break in the cliff band (left-centre of photo). There are a couple spicy moves to make in order to gain the summit block so be careful!


Ahead is the summit ridge. A great walk!


Looking back at the summit ridge. Gorgeous day. Return same way or drop off the east face if that tickles your fancy!


Some cool turns can be had on the way back down the south ridge. Several gully micro-features are fun to ski. Note that there was some slide debris at the bottom of the slope down towards the right. You can avoid the slope by staying high on the ridge.


Time for the long slog back to Sunshine Village.



GPS route above in blue.


Times and distances are round trip. Adjust times based off your group’s average pace (this is a long day trip)


Author: SeeThenSki

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