Mount Field **

Lake Louise backcountry ski touring.

A deservedly popular ski ascent in the Yoho with a couple cool lines to ski along the way, if you wish. Save it for a stable weekday to avoid the crowds!



Park at the Monarch Campground parking lot, up the Yoho Valley Road towards Takakkaw falls, near Field.

Trip Report


The route begins up the Yoho Valley Road along a well-traveled, groomed trail for approximately 5km.


Just past the large switch-back on the Yoho Valley Road, at an elevation of approximately 1450m, turn left (southeast) off the road and work your way up a drainage coming off of Mount Field’s northeast bowl.


After an hour or so of working your way up the drainage, using available slide paths for easier travel, the trees will begin to thin and reveal the summit of Mount Field to the left of Wapta Mountain. Approximate route up to the summit shown in red. If conditions are stable, you could ski the small couloir off to the left in yellow. If conditions are touchy, the lower slopes to the right (north) of Field’s summit offer lower-angle skiing.


Approaching the summit of Mount Field (hidden behind the cliffs), with approximate route shown in red. It is a good idea to have some stability before attempting the traverse.


Going for the traverse, which is the crux of the trip. The slopes above and below this crux are mellow (<30 degrees); however, this traverse cuts across a convex slope nearing 40 degrees.

IMG_20160229_131154 (1)

Above the crux and ascending the final, northeast slopes towards the summit. Mount Ogden and Niles behind.


Great skiing down the summit slopes! The amount of tracks displays the popularity of this route on the weekends.


More great skiing down the avalanche paths back down towards the road. Note that there is a gully that leads down Field’s northeast bowl which offers good skiing for a while, before cliffing out towards the bottom. Be sure to traverse left or right out of the gully before being sucked in too far.



GPS track above in blue, with direction of travel marked by red arrows.


Times and distances are round-trip.


Author: SeeThenSki

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