Young’s Peak **

Rogers Pass backcountry ski touring.

From Asulkan Hut. Not quite the Rockies, but still a great little tour from the hut, or a moderate day trip from the parking lot!


Ski up Young’s Peak from Asulkan Cabin. View of the illuminated ramp leading to summit from the hut (with some cloud rolling in from the glacier):IMG_20160128_123444



Park at Asulkan/Illecillewaet Campground parking lot in Rogers pass and/or work your way up to Asulkan hut (900m, 7km skin which takes 3-4 hours).

Trip Report


Continue past Asulkan hut towards the base of Young’s Peak’s WNW face. Approximate route shown above in red (picture taken from just above Asulkan Cabin looking SE towards the WNW face).


Pretty typical weather of Rogers Pass. Cloudy, whiteout, but somewhat warm!


Reaching the base of the WNW face. We roped up for the approach to the face, but did not see any open crevasses. Snow depth was 200cm+. Removed rope for the ascent of the face as it is prime avalanche terrain (cross loaded, 40 degree slope, couple terrain traps).


Jenny breaking trail up Young’s Peak with what I think is Mount MacDonald in the background. Hey, we can see!


Reaching the summit of Young’s Peak above the clouds and whiteout. Large cornice lined the summit ridge to the east.


Jenny looking back at our tracks back down the WNW face. Great skiing, but lots of slough to contend with!



Our actual, round-trip route from Asulkan hut to Young’s Peak. Optional descent down Forever Young couloir in red, if conditions permit. The windslabs kept us away from the couloir on this trip!



Times are round-trip. Super quick day, with lots of time left over for some awesome limited visibility glade skiing in the afternoon! Young’s peak as a day trip from the parking lot would most likely be 6-8 hours round-trip with ~1600m elevation gain.


Author: SeeThenSki