Dolomite Circuit **

Lake Louise backcountry ski touring.

A circumnavigation of Dolomite Peak, via Helen and Mosquito creeks. A mellow, skins-on kind of day. That being said, there are some significant slide paths and overhead hazards along the way. Don’t let your guard down!



Park along Highway 93N, in a pull-out just past the Helen Creek bridge.

Trip Report


The route begins up Helen Creek (or Mosquito Creek if your prefer to do the circuit in reverse), just past the bridge. Dolomite Peak off to the left, Bow Peak on the right.


After a short skin up the long, SE shoulder of Cirque Peak out of the parking area, the route drops back down across Helen Creek. Sun rising over Andromache and Little Hector.


Looking back towards Dolomite Peak and Bow Peak. The route winds its way along Helen Creek until breaking out of the trees. Stick to the climbers’-right and work your way up to the plateau above Lake Katherine. Approximate route up to the plateau in red (some avy exposure along the way).


Looking ahead from Lake Katherine below Dolomite Peak (on the right). Cirque Peak on the left. Approximate route ahead in red around the NW flank of Dolomite.


Looking back towards Dolomite Pass from below the NW flank of Dolomite Peak. Beauty day!


The small pass below Dolomite, looking ahead towards Mosquito Creek. Took the skins off for a short time to get some turns in down this slope! Observed some natty avalanche debris coming from the side of Dolomite on the way down (size 1-2). Mt. Hector looms straight ahead.


The route continues down towards Mosquito Creek, ahead. Approximate route shown in red. More turns to be had in the trees below Dolomite down into Mosquito Creek. Warm front approaching from the right!



Actual GPS track in blue above. Also, used a red arrow to mark some mellow slopes above Lake Katherine if you’re keen for some turns. If you have 2 cars, you can park 1 at Mosquito Creek, or grab a hitchhike back to your car at Helen Creek. I chose to do the full circuit.


Times and distances are for the full circuit around Dolomite back to Helen Creek. No hitchhikes. You could probably shave ~4km and ~1 hour if you park a second vehicle at Mosquito Creek or grab a hitch.


Author: SeeThenSki

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