Grand Daddy Couloir *

Lake Louise backcountry ski touring.

Via ‘West Nile’ slopes above Mosquito Creek. 


Grand Daddy Couloir off Bow Peak’s NE face.Untitled3


Park at Mosquito Creek parking lot along 93N.Untitled

Trip Report


The route begins at Mosquito Creek, just behind the hostel. Approximate route to base of couloir shown above in red. Great skiing in the trees (aka ‘West Nile’ in guide books), not-so-great skiing conditions in the couloir!


Approaching the base of Grand Daddy. Couloir is on left.


Hard-pack below, and inside, couloir. Great climbing conditions, though!


The boot-pack begins. Working our way above a cool spire at base of couloir.


Yours truly punching steps. Snow was stiff to say the least.


Reaching our high-point, approx 50m below topping out. Moderately sized cornice rimmed the top. Conditions were marginal and required a down-climb to more manageable terrain. Slope angle measured 53 degrees at this point with bumpy, crunchy snow. Best skiing of the day was near the bottom in the trees!



Round trip time – 5.5 hours.

Min/Max elevation – 1800m/2650m.

Distance – 12km


Author: SeeThenSki

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