Massive Mountain **

Banff backcountry ski touring.

Via Pilot Mountain’s east drainage. A great outing, minus the long and heinous approach! 



Park at Redearth Creek trailhead/parking lot, just before Castle Junction.

Trip Report


The route begins by following the highway east of Redearth Creek parking lot. Stick to the fence until you reach a drainage exiting from the east side of Pilot Mountain.


Working our way up the drainage. This drainage was filled with downed trees that often required an exit to either side of the drainage to avoid the problem. It was a bit tedious! Mount Brett visible in the distance at end of drainage.


Reaching the meadows below Pilot Mountain (to the right of picture). Mount Brett in centre. The route crosses several large avalanche paths coming off Pilot so be careful with the conditions.


Reaching the end of the drainage with a bowl below Mount Brett to the right and Massive Mountain to the left. Approximate route in red above. The goal is to reach the col between Massive and Brett (to the right), then follow the ridge to Massive Mountain’s Summit. We took the descent down the avalanche path to the left, which offered a great ski!


Working our way up to the Massive/Brett col. Pilot Mountain on left, Massive Mountain on right (with the ascent ridge visible).


Summit view with the ascent ridge on the left, and avalanche descent path down the right.


Managed to cut a cornice from Massive Mountain’s summit onto our selected descent. Sluff ran fast and long! But we felt that this risk was acceptable and somewhat easy to manage.


Skiing the avalanche path of Massive Mountain’s west face. Slope ranged from 35 – 40 degrees. Perfect!


Once back to the meadows, it was time to return the same way. The approach and descent down the drainage was a bit gnarly…



GPS track in blue above. Lots of cool terrain in this area to explore!


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