Bow Corner Chute **

Lake Louise backcountry ski touring.

An easy couloir if you are short on time. Via bow summit ski slopes.


img_20161030_071933Park at the Bow Summit parking lot north of Lake Louise on the 93N.

Trip Report


Begin by skiing up the usual skin track above the easy Bow Summit ski slopes. The Bow Corner chute is circled above, with lower Flower couloir to the right (F).


A closer view of the lower corner chute. The upper portion is hidden out of view to the right. Skin up as far as you can then switch to boot-pack.


Boot-packing up! Ski quality was great for October. This chute doesn’t exceed 45 degrees in steepness, and averages 35.


Topping out. You can see the upper corner chute off to the right.


A close-up of the upper portion. Steeper with poorer quality snow. We decided against going up on this day!


A beautiful ski down, finishing our run down the usual Bow Summit ski slopes before skinning back up to the parking lot.



Time and distance is round trip.


Author: SeeThenSki

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