1942 Chutes

Fernie Backcountry Ski Tour

Via Tunnel Creek and a slide path created by a recent size 3+ avalanche. Awesome terrain with an easy exit if you find the old logging road. Bring a rope for ski/cornice cutting.


Park just past the tunnel 20 mins south of Fernie along Highway 3 at approximately 49°20’36”, -115°00’48”.

Trip Report


From the parking area, cross Tunnel Creek and begin up the logging road. The route up can be seen from the beginning, as shown above marked by red arrows. This feature is also labelled as “Beyond Awesome” on the entrance map.


At the first switchback (49°21’03”, -115°02’17”) continue straight up the newly formed avalanche path that resulted from a large slide in January 2018, marked by the red arrow. The yellow arrow points toward the route up to Tunnel Hut. Use the slide path to gain some elevation before gaining the densely treed ridge to the looker’s left. A quick bootpack up a small cliff feature may be required at some point. Definitely minimize your time in this slide path, or just bushwack the ridge if you don’t like it.


After skinning up the slide path for a bit, find a good place to gain the ridge, shown above. The ridge is heavily treed and somewhat annoying, but a very safe way to gain elevation.


After an hour or so of climbing, the trees will begin to glade-out and you will get a view of the 1942m knob to the north. The route up the knob and descent down the chutes are indicated by the above red arrows.


On top of 1942 looking down the chutes, above. Lots of cornices to cut if you want.


Our chosen descent, above. A super fun, 40 degree feature that leads to an 800m descent.


More, steeper chutes to the north.


Descending one of the 1942 chutes, above.


Great skiing on the lower slopes, though I am sure they are prone to sliding from time-to-time, especially with the steep slopes behind. If warranted, stick to the mature timber and keep moving, aiming for the road that is approximated by the above red line. The road was overgrown but marked by orange flagging at the time.

FALL 2018 UPDATE: a small, low impact ski access trail has been cut into the bowl and is marked by double pink flagging at the coordinate below (flagging may be buried depending on snowpack).


At the bottom of the drainage, keep left of the gullies and search for an old road/cut trail at approximately 49°21’378″, -115°02’115″. We chose to ski the gully down, which was good for a while before the cabbage took over. It was easy enough to bushwack onto the road, though.


After finding the aforementioned old road, you will end up at a powerline. Continue past the powerline along the road that parallels the creek, heading downhill. This road connects to the main Tunnel Creek logging road at approximately 49°20’45”, -115°01’27”. There are a few creeks to navigate on your way down, as shown above, but generally very easy.



GPS route of 1942 Chutes above in purple. You can also approach 1942 from Tunnel Hut via Tunnel Ridge. The above GPS tracks exiting North Tunnel reflect the new trail (see maps).


Author: SeeThenSki


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