Numa North Chute **

Banff backcountry ski touring.

Via unnamed Numa NW3’s north ridge. A fine reward for a less-than-desirable ridge scramble.



Explore an unnamed peak northwest of Numa Mountain on the 93s and ski the chute dropping off the north face of the north ridge.



Park at Numa Falls parking lot on the 93s.

Trip Report


Above is the approximate route up the north ridge of Numa North and a north-facing chute that looks enticing from the highway!


The route begins up the Numa Falls summer hiking trail that wraps its way around the north ridge of Numa North. It is necessary to cross this river from the parking lot and there is no bridge. At the time of this trip, there was a rapidly deteriorating ice bridge in place just outside of the picture.


After following the summer trail for approximately 3km, work your way left onto the Numa North ridge proper through burnt forest.


Looking ahead towards Numa North with the approximate ascent route marked in red and our descent chute marked with an arrow. The ridge begins to narrow at approximately 1800m making progress tedious.


Dylan negotiating the 5.2 tree-mantle ski layback like a pro! Note the steepness on each side of the ridge, making it necessary to tackle the micro-features along the ridge head-on.


Tackling the ridge head-on, while wallowing through some knee deep facets. This is pretty much the reason this trip did not get a 3-star rating.


We were rewarded with this juicy looking 900m chute back down to the valley bottom! Great stability on the north-facing slopes (the same cannot be said about the other side of the ridge).


Getting in some fantastic turns down the upper chute- some of the best skiing this year! The slope measured approximately 40 degrees on the upper portion. The middle portion of the chute was mellow, ranging between 25-30 degrees.


The lower portion of the chute quickly turned into a drainage, terrain-trap type feature for approximately 50m. To avoid this, we decided to exit the drainage on the right through thick forest. It may be possible to ski this in a high-snowpack year, but I would err on the side of caution.


Bushwacking through some trees on the skiers’ right of the drainage. We negotiated these trees for approximately 50-100m, then traversed back into the drainage lower down to finish off the chute and meet up with our skin track.



GPS track above in blue, with direction of travel indicated by arrows. Many other options for ski lines exist in this area!


Times and distances are round-trip.


Author: SeeThenSki

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