Healy Pass Peak & Ramparts *

Banff and Sunshine backcountry ski touring.

Via Healy Pass Hiking Trail.


Conditions are pretty touchy right now (ConConMod), so let’s do something safe! Healy Pass is a great summer hike and ridgewalk with mellow terrain, so it should be a safe place to get some turns!




Park at Sunshine ski area parking lot. There’s a smaller lot located at the far end of the parking area that is closer to the Healy Pass trailhead (just keep driving through, past the day lodge, by the wooden pedestrian bridge over the creek).

Trip Report

The route begins up Healy Pass hiking trail, below the ski-out for Sunshine Village. Bourgeau Left ice climb is shown off the the right through the trees.


The hiking trail crosses a couple avalanche paths. This one in particular could be a good alternate descent if conditions allow!



Finally out of the trees (after ~6kms, 1.5 hours). Healy Pass itself is off to the left. Our objective, Healy Pass Peak, is off to the right. Approximate route up shown in red.



Working our way up to the ridge, with Healy Pass Peak now showing. Route up, and descent down, shown in red above. Conditions were fairly hazardous with ~30cms of dense windslab overlying bottomless facets and depth hoar. Several whumpfs were heard and felt throughout the day. Descent route was approximately a 25 degree slope.



At the summit of Healy Pass Peak. Monarch Mountain and the Ramparts in the centre-left. Egyptian-themed peaks and lakes off to the right. Descent route behind, out of view. The Ski off the summit was pretty good, albeit short (200-300m)


After skiing down Healy Pass Peak, we decided to get a run down the Ramparts. Approximate route shown in red above.


The wind-blasted ridge of the Ramparts looking west towards the Monarch (left) and the Egyptian peaks (right). Some great looking terrain in this area that begs to be explored once conditions settle down!


Getting some turns in down the Ramparts!


The luge track back down to the parking lot – a relatively quick exit!



Actual GPS track shown above in blue. Alternate descent down the avalanche path shown in red, if conditions permit!


Close-up of the GPS track in the Healy Pass area with directional arrows in red.


Times and distances are round-trip.


Author: SeeThenSki


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