Fernie Ski Touring Maps Updated Feb. 2020

Fernie backcountry skiing map

Hey folks, I really hope you enjoy the maps.

Fernie Overview Ski Tours 02-19-20

Thunder Meadows & FAR Ski Tours 02-21-20

Tunnel Creek Ski Tours 02-19-20

Harvey Pass Touring Map 11-29-19

I use Avenza on my phone to bring maps with me.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for anything. The above are merely arbitrary lines on a map with no absolutely no meaning whatsoever and are for my personal use only.

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Heaven’s Gate

Fernie backcountry ski touring.

Via Fernie Ridge’s southwest slopes. A strange Fernie ski tour, made stranger by the sounds of gunshots from a nearby shooting range, cornice collapses, wind-hammered terrain, and plans to develop the area into a ski resort and pedestrian community sharing the name of a suicidal UFO cult from the 70’s.

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