Trespass Ridge

Fernie Ski Tour

Via Tunnel Creek. A seldom skied area that is sure to deliver great turns if the usual Tunnel Hut lines are skied out or if you are looking for a safe tour.


Park just past the tunnel 20 mins south of Fernie along Highway 3 at approximately 49°20’36”, -115°00’48”.

Trip Report


Cross tunnel creek at the parking area, either by the road or hopping rocks, and plod your way up for an hour or two.



After ~1.5 hours, your will reach the tunnel hut switchback. Branching right will take you to the hut (yellow arrow above). Continuing left along the logging road will bring you to the Trespass Ridge area. The middle provides a good exit from Trespass Ridge (some bushwacking involved, but much more direct).



After a few minutes along the logging road, the road will fork. Take the right fork marked by the red arrow above.



Dense trees soon give way to an open, low angle cut-block. Skin up the cut-block to the ridge. Our chosen descent is off the opposite side of the ridge down towards tunnel hut (north). There are many other options to ski in this bowl if conditions permit!



Skin along the ridge through glades as long as your heart desires. Since the weather was cooperating, we chose to ascend to the top and get a view of the Trench.



Great views from atop Trespass Ridge!



100cms of fresh snow. Fernie skiing is great. Photo: Eric Both


A mild bushwack on the lower slopes of Trespass Ridge heading back down to the logging road. Lap as often as you’d like!



GPS track above, marked as “Trespass Ridge.” Optional descent down the main bowl marked by the red arrow above. A great area to play around in for the day!


Times and distances are round trip from parking lot for 1 lap.



Author: SeeThenSki

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