2000 Peak

Fernie backcountry ski touring.

Via Gorby mountain bike trail and 2000’s north ridge.



Park along the Island Lake Lodge road in Mt. Fernie Park, at the Gorby Trailhead.

Trip Report


The route begins out of the parking area and across the bridge. Follow the signs for Gorby up to the resort.


At the end of Gorby, you will meet up with the Snake Ridge ski out at the edge of FAR. Turn right and continue along the ski out until you reach Fish Bowl.


Once you reach Fish Bowl, you will get a good view of 2000 north ridge. Skin towards the looker’s right and up the willows and trees to gain the north ridge. Open up a can of kick-turn and begin working your way up the somewhat narrow ridge. As you can see above, there are many options for descent. The steepest and most dangerous are the 2 steep chutes on the looker’s left.


Looking up 2000 north ridge towards the summit, above.


Looking back down the ridge, above. Liverworst Ridge on left, Fish Bowl on right.


The view up towards the true summit, which is about 20m above this point. Note that you can gain Cedar headwall by traversing back towards the resort from atop this summit for some steep skiing.


Phenomenal ski quality down the ridge and chute!


screenshot_20170223-143636Actual GPS route above in blue. Stopped about 20m short of true summit due to conditions.


Times and distances are round trip.


Author: SeeThenSki


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