Mongolia Bowl

Fernie backcountry ski touring.

Via Fernie Alpine Resort’s cross country trails to Mongolia Bowl’s drainage.



Park at the southern-most end of the FAR parking lots (lot #4). This lot is closest to the Silk Road, which is the first leg of the tour.

Trip Report


The route begins by taking the “Silk Road” cross country trail south from Lot 4. Keep following the trails south until you are past FAR’s Siberia Bowl. When the XC trails fork, choose the upper trail to stay high.


Exit the XC trails and start skinning up Mongolia Bowl’s drainage at approximately 49.440N 115.076W.


The drainage offers a somewhat smooth ascent up into Mongolia Bowl with relatively minimal alder at this time of year (end of December). A couple pieces of dead fall across the drainage added some challenge to the skin, but nothing too bad (the worst is shown above).


Shown above was the first crux we encountered of the day… knee-deep trail breaking. Tough work, but great ski quality!


Entering Mongolia Bowl and getting our first views of the area, above. Our chosen route to gain the north side of the bowl is shown in red above. The north side offered good skiing The yellow route to the south side of the bowl would have offered a good descent with less traffic from slack-country travelers from FAR. Regardless, there are options available to choose from.


Ascending the north side of the bowl. Some alders, but easily avoidable. Great ski quality.


Awesome powder skiing!


The descent back down Mongolia Bowl’s drainage to the XC trail was surprisingly fun and fast.



GPS route shown above in blue. Our start location was Timberline Lodges (not parking lot #4).


A close-up of Mongolia Bowl. Actual GPS route above in blue. We took a clock-wise direction up the ridge and down the face. Alternate route is shown in yellow. FAR’s Siberia bowl is also labelled above (FAR). Mongolia Bowl can be easily accessed from the top of Timber if you are looking for a slack-country day. Routes down the headwall from Mammoth Head can be skied in late-season.


Times and distances are round-trip. Note that our average speed was somewhat slow due to the knee-deep trail breaking.


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